Additional Categories:


       .22 cal.                        (22)

       Lady .22 cal.              (L22)      

       Big Bore                     (BB)

       Lady Big Bore           (LBB)

       Outlaw                        (O)

       Lady Outlaw              (LO)  

       Pistolero                      (P)

       Lady Pistolero            (LP)  



.22 Category (22/L22) requirements-

        (2) .22 cal single action revolvers (may be shot 2-handed, duelist, or gunfighter)

        .22 cal lever action or pump rifle

        any SASS legal shotgun (.410 cal shotgun is allowed)

Big Bore Category (BB/LBB) requirements-

        (2) .40 cal or larger SASS legal revolvers (e.g., .38-40, .44 special, .44 russian, .44 mag, .44-40, .45 schofield, .45 colt, or .36 cap & ball and larger) (may be shot 2-handed, duelist, or gunfighter).

        .40 cal or larger SASS legal rifle (e.g., .38-40, .44 special, .44 mag, .44-40, .45 schofield, .45 colt)

        12 or 10 gauge SASS legal shotgun

Outlaw Category (O/LO) requirements-

        Regular SASS match guns, shotgun and pistols are to be shot from the hip


Pistolero Category (P/LP) requirements-

        Four (4) SASS legal main match pistols (may be shot 2-handed, duelist, or gunfighter style)

        All pistols will be holstered. Any SASS legal holsters are allowed. 

        SASS rule exemptions: Pistolero shooters may have more than 1 pistol on each side of their belly button.

        Pistolero shooters need not have 2 fists width between holsters

        Any SASS legal main match shotgun will be used.

        No rifle will be used; 2 additional pistols will be shot in substitution of the rifle.