Pawnee Station Cowboy Action Shooting

Match Results

JAN - DEC Registration starts at 8:00AM, Pledge/Safety at 9:15AM, Match starts at 9:30AM.
March 30thFun Match May 18thCAS Match
May 19thWB Match
June 15thCAS Match
June 16thWB Match
June 29thFun Match

Jan 21,22 Cancelled

 February 18th  WB February 19th  March 18th
WB March 19th  April 15th   WB April 16th  April 29th
 May 20,21 Cancelled  June 17,18 Cancelled   July 15th  WB July 16th
 July 29th August 19th  WB August 20th September 16th
WB September 17th  September 30th  October 21st WB October 22nd
November 18th WB November 19th  December 16th WB December 17th 
 December 30th      

January 15th

 WB January 16th  February 19th  WB February 20th
 March 19th WB March 20th  April 16th  WB April 17th
May 21,22 Cancelled  June 18th  WB June 19th   July 16th
WB July 17th August 20th WB August 21st September 17th
 WB September 18th  October 15th  WB October 16th  October 29th 
 December 31st      

January 16th

 WB January 17th  January 30th February 20,21 Cancelled
 March 20,21 Cancelled  April 17,18 Cancelled  May 15th WB May 16th
 June 19th WB June 20th   July 17th  WB July 18th
 July 31st  August 21st WB August 22nd WB Showdown Sept 3-5
September 18th   WB September 19th October 16th  WB October 17th
October 30th  November 20th  WB November 21st   

January 18th

WB January 19th   February 15th  February 16th
 February 29th  March 21 - Cancelled WB March 22 - Cancelled April 18 - Cancelled
WB April 19th - Cancelled  May 16th  WB May 17th  May 30th
  June 20th  WB June 21st July 4th     July 5th  July 18th
 WB July 19th August 15th  WB August 16th  August 29th
 September 19th  WB September 20th  October 17th WB October 18th
 October 31st November 21st  WB November 22nd  

January 6th

 January 19th WB January 20th  Feb 16, 17 - Cancelled
 March 16th  WB March 17th March 30th  April 20th
 WB April 21st May 18th  WB May 19th  June 15th 
WB June 16th June 29th  Shootout! July 5th-7th  August 17th
WB August 18th   August 31st   WB State Sept 6th-8th  September 21st
 October 19th WB Oct 20th - Cancelled  November 16th  WB November 17th
   December 21st  WB December 22nd        

January 20th

 February 17th  March 17th WB March 18th 
 March 31st April 21st - Cancelled   WB April 22nd  May 19, 20 - Cancelled
June 16th WB June 17th June 30th Shootout! July 6th-8th 
 August 18th  WB August 19th September 15th  WB September 16th
 September 29th  October 20th  WB October 21st  December  15th 
  WB December 16th          

 February 18th

  March 18th WB March 19th     April 15th
  WB April 16th   June 17th July 15th    WB July 16th 
  July 29th Shootout! Aug 18th-20th   September 16th WB September 17th
WB State Sept 30-Oct 1     October 21st WB October 22nd    November 18th
WB November 19th    December 16th  WB December 17th     

 January 30th

February 20th  WB February 21st April 24th 
 May 21st May 22nd June 18th June 19th
 Shootout!-July 1st-3rd July 16th WB July 17th  August 20th
 WB August 21st  September 17th WB September 18th  October 15th
WB October 16th  October 29th  November 19th WB November 20th

 January 17th

 January 31st  WB February 1st March 21st 
WB April 5th   WB May 3rd  May 16th  May 30th
WB June 7th June 20th   WB July 5th  Annual-Jul 19th-21st
 August 15th August 29th  WB September 6th September 19th 
 WB October 4th  October 17th  October 31st WB November 1st 
 November 21st WB December 6th     

 January 18th

February 2nd February 15th March 2nd
March 15th  March 29th   April 6th April 19th
May 4th  May 17th  May 31st  June 1st
 June 21st Annual-Jul 3rd-6th  July 19th   August 16th 
 August 30th September 7th  September 20th October 5th 
October 18th    November 2nd  November 29th  December 7th
December 20th        

 January 19th

 February 16th March 16th  March 30th
WB April 14th  WB May 5th May 18th  June 2nd
   June 15th    June 29th  Annual-Jul 19th-21st  August 17th
   August 31st    September 8th   September 21st  October 6th  
October 19th November 3rd 

     November 16th   

  November 30th      

December 1st       

 January 21st - Cancelled

February 18th - Cancelled  March 31st  April 21st 
May 19th - Cancelled    June 16th   July 21st Annual-Aug 17th-19th
  September 15th   September 29th   October 20th  November 17th 
  December 15th         




 January 15th

January 29th   February 19th  March 19th
 April 16th April 30th   May 21st June 18th
 July 16th  July 30th Annual-Aug 19th-21st  Side Matches-Aug 19th-21st
 September 17th October 15th  November 12th  November 19th
 December 17th  




 January 16th

 January 30th February 20th - Cancelled  March 6th
 March 21st April 3rd April 17th   May 15th
 May 29th  June 19th  July 17th  July 31st
 Annual-Aug 20th-22nd  September 18th October 16th   October 30th

 November 20th

    December 18th




 January 17th

 January 31st

February 21st 

March 21st

 April 18th - Cancelled

 April 26th

 May 16th

  May 30th

 June 20th

 July 18th

 Annual-Aug 14th-16th  August 29th
 September 19th October 17th   November 21st December 19th

 January 19th - Cancelled

January 27th

February 16th

March 15th

March 29th

April 19th

May 17th

 May 31st

 June 21st

 July 19th

August 15th - 17th - Cancelled 

 August 30th
Aug 30th (Extra)

Annual-Sep 20th-21st

October 18th

 November 15th

 November 29th

December 20th - Cancelled




January 20th - Cancelled

February 10th 

February 17th 

March 4th

March 17th

March 31st 

April 21st

May 19th

  June 16th

June 30th

July 21st

Annual-Aug 17th

Annual-Aug 18th-19th

September 15th

September 29th

October 20th 

 November 17th

December 15th - Cancelled 

December 29th - Cancelled



January 21st

February 18th - Cancelled

March 18th

April 15th

April 29th

May 20th

June 17th

June 25th

July 15th

July 29th

August 6th

August 19th

September 16th

September 30th

October 21st - Cancelled

October 22nd

November 18th

November 26th

December 10th

December 16th


January 15th - Cancelled

January 29th

February 19th

March 19th

April 16th

April 30th - Cancelled

May 21st

June 18th

July 16th

July 29-31 - Annual Match

August 20th

September 17th

October 15th

October 29th-Cops & Cowboys

November 19th

December 17th - Cancelled

December 31st





January 17th

January 31st

February 21st

March 20th

April 17th

May 15th

May 29th

June 19th

July 17th

July 30-31 - Annual Match

August 21st

September 18th

October 16th

October 30th

November 20th

December 18th


January 18th

February 15th

March 15th

March 29th

April 19th

May 17th

May 31st

June 21st

July 19th

August 16th

August 30th

September 20th

October 18th

November 15th

November 29th

December 20th

Please Note:  As of the July 15th, 2006 shoot, Pawnee Station uses 'Total Time' scoring for all of the monthly and annual shoots.